The best soccer pitch

The new soccer pitch at Quantum Lisbon is outdoor and belongs to the park’s facilities. In synthetic grass and official size 5×5, it is ideal for renting with a group of friends or even for birthday parties.

In both cases, a soccer ball (deposit required) and vests to form teams are included. 

If you opt for the Birthday Party format with Football activity included, you can combine this activity with the Trampolines / Ninja or Climbing activity. This format also includes a private room for/with snacks. At parties, you can opt for a monitor who will organize the group and serve as the game’s referee (exclusive party monitor offer up to and including 7 years old), remaining with the participants from the beginning to the end of the party.

Minimum age 3 years.

Exclusive Quantum Lisbon




1 hour of pitch rental

1 ball + vests*




1 and an half hour of pitch rental

1 ball + vests*


*Upon payment of deposit